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Welcome to the project!


This wiki project is aimed at gathering all researchers working in the fields of mathematical physics in a broader sense and in theoretical high energy physics. To get some insight consult the list of all areas of expertise presented on this wiki. All the personalities are listed according to their affiliation(s) and research interests in the corresponding sections of the sidebar (on the left).

At the moment the site aims at collecting researchers only from institutions in Russia, however the site itself is mainly in English. Firstly, such solution covers a broader audience and presents the structure of scientific research in Russia to our non-Russian speaking colleagues. Secondly, this is done with further aim to enhance the functionality of the site by covering other countries.

To exclude double-listing and significant intersection with stringwiki the conference section of the sidebar (on the left) contains only international events in Russia together with the internal events.


As for any wiki-project, this wiki-portal is supposed to be added by community. For this, please consult the Contribute section of the sidebar and register. The process is supposed to be as simple as possible.

Other way to contribute is to mail admin a link to an upcoming conference or a videolecture. One may inform about a misprint, incorrect information, bad language etc. All suggestions about changing/improving hosting, logo, structure etc. are welcome as well.